CaImAn includes a variety of scalable methods for the analysis of calcium (and voltage) imaging data:

  • Motion correction [NoRMCorre]
    • Fast parallelizable OpenCV and FFT-based motion correction of large movies
    • Can be run also in online mode (i.e. one frame at a time)
    • Corrects for non-rigid artifacts due to raster scanning or non-uniform brain motion
    • FFTs can be computed on GPUs (experimental). Requires pycuda and skcuda to be installed.

  • Source extraction
    • Separates different sources based on constrained nonnegative matrix Factorization [CNMF], [SNMF], [CaImAn]
    • Deals with heavily overlapping and neuropil contaminated movies
    • Suitable for both 2-photon [CNMF] and 1-photon [CNMF_E] calcium imaging data
    • Selection of inferred sources using a pre-trained convolutional neural network classifier
    • Online processing available for both 2-photon [OnACID] and 1-photon data streams [OnACID-E]

  • Denoising, deconvolution and spike extraction
    • Infers neural activity from fluorescence traces [CNMF]
    • Also works in online mode (i.e. one sample at a time) [OASIS]

  • Automatic ROI registration across multiple days [CaImAn]

  • Handling of very large datasets
    • Utilizes memory mapping for efficient loading of large datasets.
    • Parallel processing in patches.
    • Frame-by-frame online processing.
    • OpenCV-based efficient movie playing and resizing.

  • Pipeline for Voltage Imaging Analysis [VolPY]

    • Uses a Mask R-CNN to identify neurons in the FOV
    • Extracts spiking activity using adaptive template matching.
    • Fully integrated with CaImAn, inherits all its capabilities.

  • Behavioral Analysis [Behavior]
    • Unsupervised algorithms based on optical flow and NMF to automatically extract motor kinetics
    • Scales to large datasets by exploiting online dictionary learning
    • We also developed a tool for acquiring movies at high speed with low cost equipment [Github repository].

  • Variance Stabilization [VST]
    • Noise parameters estimation under the Poisson-Gaussian noise model
    • Fast algorithm that scales to large datasets
    • A basic demo can be found at CaImAn/demos/notebooks/demo_VST.ipynb


The following references provide the theoretical background and original code for the included methods.

Software package detailed description and benchmarking

If you use this code please cite the corresponding papers where original methods appeared (see References below), as well as:

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Deconvolution and demixing of calcium imaging data

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Online Analysis

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Motion Correction

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Behavioral Analysis

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Variance Stabilization

[VST]Tepper, M., Giovannucci, A., and Pnevmatikakis, E (2018). Anscombe meets Hough: Noise variance stabilization via parametric model estimation. In ICASSP, 2018. [paper]. [Github repository]

Voltage imaging

[VolPY]Cai, C. , Friedrich, J. , Pnevmatikakis, E. A. , Podgorski, K. , Giovannucci, A.(2020). VolPy: automated and scalable analysis pipelines for voltage imaging datasets. bioRxiv 2020.01.02.892323 [paper].